At St George’s Professional Services we provide a professional and reliable Upholstery Cleaning Service throughout London and a range of 30 miles around, 7 Days a week.

Once one of our staff has assessed your Upholstery we can then advise on the best method of cleaning for optimum results.

All the cleaning methods available are to the highest industry standards and all involve the individual treatment of stains.

All of our equipment is the best available, for Steam Cleaning we use Professional ‘Prochem 2000‘ machines with ’Heat and Run‘ systems. These supply the cleaning solutions at a continual optimum temperature. At the same time it is extracted immediately by 2 x powerful inbuilt wet vacuums. This results in a clean material with a minimum drying time. We also use specialist Upholstery attachments and hoses, so the normal carpet cleaning attachments and hoses are never in contact with your Upholstery. These machines although very powerful are completely portable and are easily maneuvered into situation and they have a 10m hose to reach the tricky items the machine can’t get to.

All operatives and cleaning supervisors have been trained by the company and have completed the appropriate and accredited trade courses. We stand behind our services and all are fully insured and covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All the vehicles come fully equipped with all the cleaning machines and materials needed. If you require additional services then just let us know and we can send the appropriate team who can provide all the cleaning services from the list below in one easy visit. A supervisor is on site with all teams.

Please just call our office and one of our friendly staff can give you an estimate and can arrange your cleaning or a free on site quotation.