At St George\’s Professional Services we provide professional carpet cleaning services for many of our clients Offices and Commercial Properties, with over 8 years valuable experience we believe our service to be second to none. We have refined our techniques and service to achieve the maximum results, summarised below is our unique 4 Step Carpet Steam Cleaning System:

Step 1.

Power Vacuum

It is important to vacuum loose dust and dirt from the carpet fibre while it is completely dry. A power vacuum is an upright vacuum with powered brush head that gets deep into the pile and between the carpet fibres for a deep vacuum.

Step 2.

Pre Spray and treatment of stains

A broad-spectrum stain remover is applied to the carpet with specific attention to the ‘ High Traffic areas’ The stain remover is left for 5- 7 minutes to break down soiling, dirt and stains.

Step 3.

Shampoo Cleaning of Traffic areas

It is this part of the system, which makes all the difference and stands our service apart from the rest. The rotary floor machine is used in conjunction with a nylon brush and Dry Foam carpet Shampoo. This does a number of beneficial things for the cleaning process, firstly it lifts the pile of the carpet allowing the stain remover to penetrate deep into the pile. It assists the stain removers by massaging the stain remover into the pile allowing it to dissolve dirt and stains more effectively. The rotating brushing motion agitates the soiling and stains ready for removal in the final steam and rinse stage.

Step 4.

Steam Cleaning and Deodorising

The loosened soiling and stains are now rinsed out and removed by a Hot water (steam) and extraction (wet vacuum) machine. This process happens simultaneously meaning the hot water is not on the carpet long enough to soak in or through to the carpet backing. The carpet is not left wet but lightly damp and most carpets are dry within 2 hours, carpets with a high wool content generally take longer.
Please find a brief outline of our carpet cleaning prices below, at Propaclean we only use industry leading Prochem machinery and carpet cleaning chemicals to achieve the best results.